davide tubaro

compositor - 3D artist - VFX Supervisor



In the early years after my degree I had experiences in the field of geology up to 1997 when I decided to attend an intensive course on 3D animation.

At the end of the course, in 1999 I entered the Green Movie Group (www.greemovie.com) as a 3D animator, and there I worked until March 2004.

I have developed a lot of experience in the realization of commercial spots and in 2002 I gave my CG contributions to the animation film “Johan Padan a la descoverta de le Americhe” produced by Green Movie.

In September 2004 I entered EDI (www.effettidigitali.it) where I came into contact with a very advanced professional environment.

I improved my knowledge of 3D through the software owner of Buf Compagnie in use at EDI, and in compositing by developing a good experience in the use of Shake and Nuke. The supervision on the set has furtherly increased my experience in the field of visual effects.

In 2007 I was senior compositor and supervisor on the set of “Carnera; the walking mountain” a movie with 1320 shots entirely post-produced by EDI.

In 2009 my experience in EDI finished and I started a collaboration as a senior freelance compositor with Storyteller (www.storyteller.com) for the realization of the movie “Baaria” by G.Tornatore.

Since 2010 I have been a senior compositor and VFX supervisor at Pubblicis Les Enfant in Milan.